Super Bowl Sunday, part 46

I really don’t have any idea how old I was when I realized my team was a losing team.

Now, of course, the Patriots are going 5-for-5. But back in the ’70’s, a trip to Foxboro meant a great time reading a book and eating bad stadium food while the adults around me got tipsy. Those were the days before footballs were weighed, when concussions were expected, and by golly, we will stand behind our team. Wait, is there a game down there on the field? When the heck did that start?

It’s surreal, this Patriots-in-the-Super-Bowl thing. I am not the biggest Tom Brady fan. He’s a cad, but he’s our cad. We win with him playing. That said, he’s been around a long time now. Will we still win when he retires? No idea. Don’t care. Still my team. Go Pats!



And here we are, at the beginning again.

If you followed me here from my old blog (and by old, I mean March 2005. That’s old in blog years!) then I certainly do appreciate your business!

That paragraph made me laugh. Of course you didn’t follow me here. It has been an age since I first posted there, back in the days of Dreamweaver and before WordPress made blogging so very easy.

HOWEVER, you are here now, so welcome! Let’s lay some ground rules, shall we?

  1. I love you for being here.
  2. That said, it’s my blog. I will, in fact, do what I want to.
  3. I’m not expecting anonymity, so don’t worry about that. I may even post a picture or two, because progress is easiest measured online when the whole world can weigh in. Right?
  4. Everything on this sight is Copyright 2017, by me. You may not borrow or steal any content here. If you ask nicely, I am happy to share, so that shouldn’t even be an issue.
  5. I guess it doesn’t really go without saying (sigh) but please-be nice. No trolls. If you don’t like the content here, there are gazillions of other blogs for you to read. Go read them! Be a happy person!

There, all done with housekeeping! Whew! Let’s get on with the show!